• Mark Kedian

Inaba 2017

We have just recently completed the build up of the 2017 Tourism Indaba.

Print Expression has been involved in the build of Indaba for many years. We have watched it grow year on year with quality of the stands constantly increasing. This year our client wanted to add a new dimension to the show by creating a 7 meter high, 100 meter long seamless backdrop of truly South African images. Not only did they want the backdrop, but they also wanted the graphic to come down onto the floor in the form of floor graphics, trying to give you a real sense of being in the environment. There were three elements to this. Firstly there was a sea floor, secondly there were tar streets and thirdly there was a kraal floor.

Whilst they all looked great and the client was ecstatic with the end result, the clear winner in all this was the road. This was created from scratch by our design team. They went out and photographed different elements of our local roads such as, kerbs, man hole covers, various tar textures and of course, pot holes. After all, it would not be a truly South African road without some potholes. Once applied, it truly fulfilled it's purpose, almost confusing the mind as it looked so realistic.

All in all Indaba 2017 was a great success with happy clients all round. We look forward to Indaba 2018 and the next challenge.

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