• Mark Kedian

Alpine Renault Pylon Refurb

There are many forms of signage that can be used to attract attention to your business.

Most big brands and retailers that have their own roadside premises will make use of a pylon. These structures can generally be placed relatively close to the roadside, making the location of the store obvious to passers by.

Alpine Renault Hillcrest asked us to assist with the rejuvenation of their pylon. As you can see below, the pylon in question had started to look quite rundown and needed a bit of an update.

Renault Pylon looking a bit rundown
Original Renault Pylon

The team at Alpine Renault Hillcrest were not looking for us to reinvent the wheel. They wanted something modern, simple, good looking and cost effective.

We decided to offer them a flex face backlit PVC box. The box itself was sprayed to Renault colours and and edge lit with Samsung Outdoor LED's. The Backlit PVC was printed and then glazed with a UV inhibiting glaze to extend the lifespan of the print.

The end product was exactly what the client wanted. The lighting is very effective and this box really stands out at night.

If you need any assistance with your signage requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us. info@printexpression.co.za

Take a look at the gallery below showing the installation process and the final result.

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