• Mark Kedian

The Importance Of A Render

The importance of a good visual render cannot be underestimated.

None of us like to part with our hard earned money. This can be made worse when the end product we receive is not quite what we had envisioned. Generally looking at the individual “flat” pieces of artwork for your sign, shop front or vehicle will help you check for the finer details such as spelling, grammar, spacing, alignment etc. but it really doesn’t help you get the full feel of what you are going to end up with when all is said and done. This is where a good visual render comes in. In most cases this should be able to give you a very accurate idea of what you are going to receive once the supplier completes’ their work, assuming the render is done accurately of course.

Below you will see two examples of renders we have provided to clients and how accurately those renders are reproduced in the final product. The first one is a new shop front done recently for “A Healthy Bite” in Durban North and the second one is a render done a few years ago for “Up Shift” where we branded their vehicle.

If you have any signage or branding requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us and rest assured that if the request requires it, you will receive a render just like these to show you what your end product will look like.

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